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  1. How to reach us
    On our site at the section How to reach us You can find out how to get to the camp Straško on to the island of Pag.
  2. Useful Links
    • Croatian National Tourist Board - www.croatia.hr
    • Tourist Board of Novalja - www.tz-novalja.hr
    • Croatian Auto Club - www.hak.hr
    • Map of Croatia - map.hak.hr
    • Weather - www.meteo-info.hr
    • Web cameras with images of roads, tunnels and ports - www.hak.hr/info/cameras
    • Jadrolinija - www.jadrolinija.hr
  3. Boats and ferries schedule
    Ferry Prizna - Žigljen (Pag)
    Catamaran Rijeka - Novalja
  4. Currency
    Kuna (HRK = 100 cents). Foreign currency can be exchanged at the reception desk or in banks, exchange offices, post offices, travel agencies and hotels.
  5. Public holidays
    January 1st - New Year, January 6th - Epiphany Easter and Easter Monday, May 1st - Labor day, Day of Wreaths, Antifascist Struggle Day - June 22nd, Statehood Day - June 25th, August 5th - Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day and the Day of Croatian Defenders, August 15th - Assumption of Mary, October 8th - Independence Day, November 1st - All Saint's Day, December 25th and 26th - Christmas
    Power supply 220 V, frequency 50 Hz.
  6. Tap water
    Drinkable in all parts of Croatia.
  7. Fire protection measures
    If you see a fire, please report it immediately by phone at the numbers 93 or 112, in the meantime and before the arrival of firefighters try to extinguish the fire, but do not endanger yourself or others! Observe the signs forbidding the lighting of fires! Take care that your parked vehicle does not obstruct access to the fire.
  8. Search and Rescue
    In case of accident on land or at sea, call the 112 center.
  9. Croatia by car
    Cell phone use is prohibited while driving. Use of seat belts is mandatory.
  10. Documents
    To enter Croatia, a driving license is required as well as a vehicle insurance card.
  11. Permissible speed
    - in inhabited areas 50 km/h
    - outside inhabited areas 90 km/h
    - on major motor vehicles and fast motor vehicle roads 110 km/h,
    - on highways 130 km/h
    - motor vehicle with a caravan trailer 80 km/h
    - buses and buses with a light trailers 80 km/h

    Mandatory driving with headlights in the winter season, day and night (0-24).
  12. Petrol stations
    Open from 7 am to 7 or 8 pm every day and in the summer till 10 pm.
    There are also gas stations in the larger cities and on main international routes which are open 24/7.
  13. In the event of an accident
    If a car accident was to happen, please inform the police at the number 112, it is not required to call the police in case of an accident with minor material damage. Secure the scene (set out the triangle!) And take measures to eliminate new threats. Wait for the police to arrive. In case of any and all damages to your car, be sure the police issues a confirmation related to the damage to the vehicle, as without such certificate you will not be allowed to cross the border. If you need your vehicle to be transported into a service call the road assistance at the phone number 1987 (for calls from abroad, dial 385 1 1987).
  14. How to avoid traffic jams
    To avoid major prolongations to your travel and the waiting in lines we suggest that before traveling you gather up the information on the state of the road and the ferry traffic either with the Croatian Automobile Club (HAK) or by radio reports on the current traffic situation.
  15. Important phone numbers
    International dialing code for Croatia: 385
    National Protection and Rescue 112
    Ambulance 194
    Fire Department 193
    Police Department 192
    Road Assistance 1987 (if calling from abroad or by mobile phone, call 385 1 1987)
    Search and rescue at sea 195
    Unique number for all emergency situations 112
    General Information 18981
    Information on local and intercity numbers: 11888
    Information on international numbers 11802
    Croatian Automobile Club (HAK) 1987 Internet: www.hak.hr; e-mail: info@hak.hr

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