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Campsite Straško

Leisure time

To make your vacation in the camp to be filled from the first to the last day, we have prepared numerous programs and sports activities in nature. A relaxing boat trip is a real adventure for the whole family, while water sports will surely awaken your adventurous spirit.

Surf & Sail Center Straško

Whether you are a child or unfortunately an adult, but have skipped some steps in your growing up…don´t allow to be missed by sailing, windsurfing, cat sailing, SUP, kayak, snorkeling, sport climbing, water skiing, or the unforgettable parachute jump…You don`t need to do it all at once, take it one by one.

Visit us on the beach by the north end of Camp Strasko, and we will do our best so that you spend some quality time with us. Gain or enhance your new experience and most importantly pick up a diploma and some pictures to show off. Make your „bucket list“ a little bit emptier.

WEB: MAIL: PHONE: +385 91 4637 539

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FOKA Diving Center

Foka Diving Center is an ideal choice whether you are an experienced diver or just want to learn to dive. All diving courses are carried out under the expert guidance of an instructor, with an individual approach to each guest. Boat diving offers endless possibilities to explore the underwater world, and diving courses such as Scuba Diving will allow you to explore the sea world around the camp Straško.

Explore the beauty of the magical underwater world of the island of Pag.

WEB: E-MAIL: TEL.: +385 91 5302 072

Segway, 9D VR, Fish spa

9D virtual reality is the most popular virtual simulator which offers you to dive into another world just by wearing VR glasses. In addition to the 9D simulator, next to the sports fields, you can also rent a segway - an electric vehicle on two wheels that will give you a unique driving experience all around the camp. It is suitable for children and adults.

For a painless and relaxing natural foot micromassage - Fish Spa is in charge of Garra Rufa fish, which will give your skin the desired smoothness.

WEB: E-MAIL: TEL.: +385 99 6872 472

Dolphin Excursions Novalja

Dear guests, welcome to our excursion boat KIT-KAT, which offers boat tours from Novalja main port on island of Pag to nearby islands on those routes:

1. Novalja – Olib-Silba
2. Novalja – Ilovik – Veli Lošinj.

For all informations, booking inquiries please contact us following:

WEB: TEL (WhatsApp):+385917938596 E-MAIL:

Boat trips

Rent a boat and discover the hidden coves of the island of Pag together with your friends or family. Explore the nearby islands and get to know the customs of the locals on individual trips adjusted to your wishes.

For more information about boat trips, contact us at the info center or camp reception.

Jet ski & Parasailing

Enjoy the height with a parachute and experience Novalja from other perspective, discover the nearby islands and hidden beaches with a jet ski safari. Simply, have fun with your family on bananas, sliders, sofas, twisters, pedal boats or some other props from the offer.

TEL.: +385 99 4878 333

Jet ski & Tube

A sea adventure for all who want unforgettable moments during their vacation. In addition to affordable prices, the offer includes: jet ski, tube ride or banana ride. With an experienced guide, explore the beautiful island of Pag and it's beaches or nearby islands on a Jet-Ski Safari.

TEL.: +385 95 5538 743

Climbing Center Straško

Sport climbing becomes increasingly popular form of sport, fun and testing your abilities. You can do „bouldering“ at lower heights with no protective equipment with just a mat or „ lead climbing“ at higher heights by securing yourself with a rope and rest of the gear. We climb both on artificial and natural rocks.

You need to try number one, two and three and learn the basic theory of sport climbing, the basics of using safety equipment and the basics of using your body corectly to overcome the hardest climbs.

And last but not the least number four… Climbing the natural rock Stogaj with higher doses of adrenaline and beautiful view of island Pag and its bays.

WEB: MAIL: PHONE: +385 91 4637 539

WHERE ARE WE: camp map


An experience like no other.

Learn to fly above the water on an electric board. Even for those who have no previous experience in water sports, we will help you get the real feeling of flying above water and learn another new skill.

Unlike some other sports, the learning curve is much faster and easier. You start lying down, then on your knees and then on your feet. When you succeed, the feeling is extraordinary. Ride freely anywhere, anytime, without wind or waves. It's fast, quiet and pollution-free!

WEB: MAIL: TEL.: +385 91 4637 539

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