Opening time: 15.04.2022 – 09.10.2022.

Campsite Straško


Hi! My name is Straško! My friend Mare and I live at the campsite Straško. You must be wondering how it is that I have the same name as the campsite!? That's because I was born on the island of Pag in Straško bay, where the campsite is located. It is a pretty funny name, I know! :) Mare was born in the waters of the island of Pag and carries a traditional Dalmatian name! Her name is shortened from Mary (Marija) and can easily get memorized.

Mare is my best friend. We have known each other since childhood. We love to play together and we are constantly looking for new adventures!

On our website you can see how Mare and I spend our time in the company of children. Mare loves to swim and she adores water sports. That is why she spends a lot of time on the beach. I love sports, especially football, so I often hang out at the sport centre! We love summer because we get to meet a lot of kids from all over the world who come to visit us. We love to play together and we always have so much fun! We are more than happy to have our little friends here with us every year!

Mare and I have completed our STRAŠKO KIDS CLUB membership card in order to briefly tell all the children what we love to do, which is our favourite colour and so on. Have a look!



NAME: Straško

PLACE OF BIRTH: Straško bay, Novalja / island Pag

HOBBY: cycling, hiking


FAVORITE FOOD: the traditional "makaruni" from Novalja, ice cream

I LIKE: barbecue, happy people, dancing, having fun, parties

I LOVE: Mare, my friends, my home, nature

I DON'T LIKE: Garbage in nature and in the sea, bad people




NAME: Mare

PLACE OF BIRTH: Straško bay / island Pag

HOBBY: acting, singing, dancing


FAVORITE FOOD: watermelon, cake

I LIKE: the sun, the sea, travelling, arts amd crafts, riding a kick scooter

I LOVE: Straško, my friends, my home, nature

I DON'T LIKE: Garbage in nature and in the sea, bad people


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