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Privacy policy

Personal Information/Privacy Protection Policy

HADRIA d.o.o. respects you privacy and is committed to protecting you personal information by collecting only necessary basic information about its customers/users required to perform our corporate obligations. Information is collected and stored in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act.
The Company informs its customers of how it collects information and regularly gives its customers a choice regarding the use of their information, including the possibility of deciding whether they want their name removed from a list used for marketing campaigns or not. All information about users is safeguarded and is only available to our employees on a need-to-know basis. All employees and business partners of Hadria d.o.o. are responsible for complying with the privacy protection principle.

Information included in the Privacy Policy system
Proprietary information collected by the Company:

  • Name and Surname
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Phone and/or fax number
  • Other information indicated by you, which you want to remain confidential

You can cancel protection of this information at any time by providing us with a specific written statement to that effect.

Term of the Privacy Policy
As of the time of providing your information, you agree to be contacted by us and to be included in our mailing list. The protection of your information is permanent, but you can ask to be removed from our mailing list at any time.

The Content of the Privacy Policy
We do not sell or lease your e-mail address and other information or make them available to third parties (whether legal or natural persons) without your consent because this would be contrary to our privacy policy. HADRIA d.o.o. strictly complies with its „no spam" policy. We will ask for your specific permission if you want to be contacted regarding our special offers or promotions. HADRIA will not be responsible for any inadvertent errors or errors caused by force majeure or other objective circumstances resulting in inadvertent violation of the guaranteed protection of your information, but it does guarantee that any such errors will be removed to the extent practicable as soon as possible.
We do not sell, convey or disclose any information we collect on our website to anyone outside HADRIA d.o.o. without your permission, except:

  • Where necessary to comply with our legal obligations;
  • Where necessary to protect your life or physical integrity if you are unable to give your consent to the processing of your personal information;
  • Where necessary to perform any tasks of public interest;
  • In case you have published such information (Article 7, paragraph 3, subparagraphs 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Personal Information Protection Act);
  • where the involvement of another person is necessary for the proper functioning of the website. In such case, such other person shall undertake to maintain confidentiality to HADRIA before such personal information is provided.
  • In case of a sale or transfer of all or substantial part of the shareholding in HADRIA d.o.o., we reserve the right to sell or transfer your information to the acquiring/receiving third party, provided that such party conducts its business by performing similar activities or services and agrees to be bound by this privacy policy.

By completing a form on our website, you guarantee that the information provided by you is true and that you fully agree to the provisions of our Privacy Policy and the terms and conditions set forth therein.

Please note that all your information will remain confidential very time you visit any website of HADRIA d.o.o., unless you want to disclose it voluntarily. We undertake not to disclose any personal information received from you to any third parties, save as provided in the preceding section.

Some statistical software is used on our website. This software does not use personal information, but enables us to adjust our website to make it more efficient and user-friendly. We adapt our website to specific web browsers to make it more efficient, relying on the structure of and the number of visits to the website.

Using Cookies and Online Technology
Our server uses cookie technology to facilitate browsing our website. Information collected in the process will only be used to improve page browsing and for our statistical analysis. Our website cannot be viewed without using cookies, if your web browser is so adjusted.
We also collect information using pixel tags, network signals, blank GIFs and other similar means (jointly referred to as pixel tags), which enable us to learn when you visit our portal and how you use our e-mail messages or ads.

E-mail Message
If you wish to contact us using a form or send us an e-mail including your personally identifiable information, we will only use such information for the purpose of fulfilling your requests.

Surveys and Questionnaires
We occasionally conduct surveys and questionnaires on our website. We only use information collected in the process for the internal requirements of HADRIA d.o.o. If we publish a sample answer from such survey on our website, it will contain no personal information.

Promotional Prize Contests
When organizing a prize game, HADRIA d.o.o. publishes, among other things, information and details about it on its website. For electronically accessible contests and prize games, we will only use your personal information for the purpose of conducting them (to contact the winner, etc.). Personal information collected during a prize game will not be shared with anyone outside HADRIA d.o.o., except our suppliers that help us organize such games and are required by law to keep all such available information confidential. Once a prize game is finished, we will delete such information from our databases if you request this in writing.

Protection of Children’s Personal Information
HADRIA d.o.o. advises parents and guardians to teach their children about safe and responsible treatment of personal information on the internet and about the precautions that need to be taken when using the internet. Our pages that may attract children and collect personal information from children below the age of 14 are designed to protect children’s rights and privacy to the maximum extent possible. According to such intentions and efforts, HADRIA d.o.o.:

  • DOES NOT collect, DOES NOT use and DOES NOT disclose any information that can be used to contact children via the internet, except in case of online promotional games. Such information that can be used to contact children via the internet is used without parental permission, but only for the purpose of directly answering a child’s query, and will not be used for any other purposes;
  • We DO NOT collect personal information that can be used to contact a person outside the internet, except for the purpose of presenting rewards, but in such case also subject to parental permission;
  • We DO NOT provide any personal information to any third parties without prior parental permission;
  • Without parental permission, we DO NOT enable children to publish or otherwise distribute personal information or other materials that they send us and that can be used to contact them, or encourage children to disclose more information than necessary for their participation in a game.
  • Where children below the age of 14 are allowed to participate in a prize game, we require of a child to ask his/her parents’ or legal permission to participate first and to enter his/her parents’ or legal guardians’ e-mail address.
  • If a child below the age of 14 wins a prize, his/her parents or guardians will be notified of this by e-mail, telephone or in writing.
  • Such child’s and his/her parents’ personal information will be deleted from our database if so requested by the parents.
  • As a parent or a guardian, you are always entitled to request access to all personal information about your child that we have received on our website, you may request that such information be deleted (if it is still in our database) and/or prohibit us from any future collection of use of information about your child. If you are a parent and would like to exercise this right, please feel free to contact us.
  • In addition to such protection, HADRIA d.o.o. guarantees protection of children’s personal information provided for in special laws regulating this matter.

You may at any time request access to all personal information received from you on our website. At your request, we will be glad to update, correct or delete such information (provided it is still in our databases) or discontinue using such information in the future. If you would like to exercise this right, please feel free to contact us.

Your Consent
By completing any form on our website, you guarantee that the information provided by you is true, that you are contractually capable, that you have every right to enter into this transaction, and that you fully agree that HADRIA d.o.o. may collect and use your information in accordance with the law and the terms of our Privacy Policy.

We use our best efforts to refer you to websites with quality content, which means it does not encourage negativity. Please note that our Privacy Policy no longer applies once you leave the HADRIA d.o.o. website.

Modifications and Discontinuation
HADRIA d.o.o. reserves the right to modify or discontinue all or any part of this website and the terms of use and the privacy policy at any time, in accordance with the binding regulations. Such modifications will take effect as of their publication on our website.
The Privacy Policy no longer applies once you leave the HADRIA d.o.o. website.